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Training & Certification

Prospectus for Training & Certification as Career Management Professional (CMP)

The Career Management Professional Program is designed to meet the training, certification and standardisation needs of education advisors, career counsellors, human resource management professionals, employment consultants, rehabilitation practitioners and people working in related fields. The Career Management Professional training and certificate will help you develop the competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work effectively with a diverse client population. You will learn techniques to work with individuals and groups, and will develop skills in using assessment tools. Labour market trends, career transitions, resource materials and the Indian Standards and Guidelines are all included in the program content. Margdarshak is the best training center for career management professional.

margdarshak next Training & Certification as a Career Management Professional (CMP)

Helping people to discover suitable occupations and to progress in their career is a most satisfying vocation. You may already have some experience of advising students and providing them with information about jobs and educational opportunities. The training programme provides theoretical conception, practical skills and certification necessary to work as a Career Advisor.

margdarshak nextPossible Vocational Outcomes

After completion of training programme as a Career Management Professional, participants will be competent to perform duties appropriate to the career guidance sector and will be able to be placed in the following roles:

Education Advisor/Officer in educational and voluntary organisations

Career Development Officer in corporate sector

Careers Adviser in Schools

Career Counsellor in Colleges/Institutes

Training and Placement Officer in universities and higher learning centres

Career Coach and Mentor in private practice

Career Guidance Professional in training and employment services

Career Consultant in Human Resource Departments.

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