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Career Education Tools & Technology

1. Career Assessor: Be what you want to be

In a comprehensive survey some common characteristics found regarding career selection are

 Uncertainty: When asked about career choice, general reaction is "let’s see what happens (dekhte hain kya hota hai)”.

  Hypothetical: Some of the students have unrealistic and imaginary career ambitions.

 Imitation: : Majority of the students blindly follow their classmates or go along casual, half-baked advice of family members, relatives or friends.

 Parental wish: Some parents try to fulfil their own desires through their children and resolve that "due to some reasons I couldn't become an Engineer, Doctor or Govt. Officer but I will make my child the same at any cost."

Aptitude Assessment is an authentic psychometric tool for students to find their true interests and set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-specific) career objectives; if a career has been already decided, then its compatibility is matched.

The Career Choice tool provides details of approx. 1500 careers and how they are related to 1. Subjects 2. Skills 3. Activities 4. Abilities 5. Attitude 6. Aptitude 7. Traits and 8. Work Contexts.

2. Career Explorer: Career by choice not by chance

In this fast-moving age of globalisation, students are not aware about the world of work and cardinal facts about the occupations. At one hand there is a glut in the traditional careers and on the other hand there is really dearth of professionals in specialised sectors.

Have you ever heard any anyone planning a career in: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, HVAC Technician, Yarden Architect, Dispensing Optician, Memory Augmentation Surgeon, Podiatrist, Actuary, Cartographer, Trash Engineer, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Developer, AR/VR Object Designer, Smart Sensor,Emotional Intelligence Designer, 3D Printing, Big Data Auditor, Climatic analysis, etc.

Due to lack of career education in schools and colleges, students find their subjects boring because they don’t know why they are studying Geography, Chemistry, Economics etc. From our case studies it is established that motivation and success rates improve exponentially, when students relate subjects with careers.

3. Education Index: Don’t follow the crowd!

Today’s rapidly changing world of education is very complex, highly competitive and provides innumerable vistas of opportunities unheard of a decade ago.

Due to lack of authentic information many students imitate their classmates and enrol en-masse in slickly advertised, expensive but useless courses. Consequently, at the career building stage, after spending their precious time and parent's hard-earned money, they realise and repent over these deceptive programmes.

Education Index provides authentic and impartial guidance on more than 20,000 courses with “Students’ Satisfaction Survey” of the colleges and universities so that they can select right institutes offering right courses

This safeguards the interest of the students and beware them of teaching malls selling their useless degrees, diplomas and certificates, charging exorbitant fees on the basis of misleading publicity campaigns.

The Career Choice tool provides details of approx. 1500 careers and how they are related to 1. Subjects 2. Skills 3. Activities 4. Abilities 5. Attitude 6. Aptitude 7. Traits and 8. Work Contexts.

4. Study Organiser: View real-time preparation with Progress Meter

When students and parents should know the result?

X After the exam (then everything is over and irreversible)

 Before the exam (there is enough time to improve marks)

"How is your study going on?" - Ask any student and you’ll get the prompt reply "it is fine". There is no reason to doubt until the exam is finished and results are in hands but then it is too late.

Our research shows the following characteristics:

(a) Many students create routine in their copies and resolve to study as per the time-table but most of them never follow it from next day.

(b) For first half of the year, students keep a casual approach towards their studies and at latter stage, they hastily try to achieve more in less time, sometimes reading lessons first time at previous night of the exam.

(c) Due to absence of a proper study plan, students give more attention to few subjects of their interest and set aside other books which they consider either difficult or boring.

(d) Tuition and coaching culture are doing more harm than help. It makes students dependent on others and devoid their minds from intellectual curiosity.

(e) Parents find it very difficult to keep a constant tab on their children’s studies. Nagging, coercing and pressurising to study hard generally give adverse effects.

The Study Organiser is a boon for such students who are not paying proper attention towards studies. It creates personalised subject wise schedule as per its difficulty level by calculating appropriate study time required to finish and revise each subject.

Study Organiser includes much acclaimed "Progress Meter" to show real time preparation of the exam in three colours:

Green : student is doing well

Yellow : student is lagging behind and

Red : student has to work hard as it is difficult to pass theexam.

It also indicates percentage of marks a student can obtain in the forthcoming exam with ± 5% accuracy just like a thermometer.

Study Organiser helps students to manage and self-monitor study as per its difficulty level and time available to get 100% consistent marks in all the papers of the exam.

Progress Meter is equally useful for parents, teachers and school administrators who wish to monitor and compare the performance of all the students with minimum interference.

“Degrees without employability skills = a mobile without a SIM card”.

7. Work Attitude : Listen to your heart & mind

Root cause of unemployment, under-employment, frustration and tension is incompatibility of job with work attitude of a person

In today's fast changing and complex job market, it's important to select a career based on personal priorities and traits.

Work Attitude Assessment allows users to pinpoint what is important to them in a career. It helps to identify occupations that they may find satisfying based on the similarity between their work values and the characteristics of the occupations.

There is no alternative for this scientifically formulated psychometric assessment tool, which helps

Students to select right careers as per their work attitude.

Job-seekers can choose work for maximum job satisfaction

Recruiters will judiciously match right candidates for right jobs.

Employers are benefitted by increased productivity.

8. Scholarships Abroad: Gateway to Abroad

Study in best universities in in USA, Canada, Australia and European countries FREE OF Cost with scholarships and financial assistances.

This will help abroad admission seekers to study in world’s top universities irrespective of their financial status. Using this tool students aspiring to study abroad can apply for 2000+ courses and scholarships all over the world from one platform. Also, our expert counsellors assist in documentation like writing resume, essays, SoP, getting LOR, etc.

9. CAP-Contest: Inspire the path to success

This is like stepping stones for creating career awareness among students. Through online test of career knowledge, students learn about various opportunities open before them in a competitive environment.

TParents can encourage students to participate in CAP-Contests and win prizes, scholarships, awards and certificates of achievements.

The prizes and accolades won during contests have far reaching consequences and induce very motivating effect throughout the life.

We proudly mention them in our CVs and HR Managers pay attention while hiring the best.

The online career awareness contest gives a sense of pride among students and provides catalytic effect to accomplish higher academic excellence.

“40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life”

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