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Study Organiser

Dont follow the crowd!

View real-time preparation with Progress Meter

When students and parents should know the rsult?

X After the exam (then everything is over and irreversible) OR Before the exam (there is enough time to improve marks)

"How is your study going on?" - ask any student and youll get the prompt reply "it is fine". There is no reason to doubt until the exam is finished and results are in hands, but then it is too late.

Our research shows following characteristics:

(a) Many students prepare routine in their copies and resolve to study hard as per the routine; but life of the routine is of single day and most of them never follow it from next day.

(b) For first half of the year, students keep a casual approach towards their studies (thinking they have enough time) and at the latter stage, they hastily try to achieve more in less time. Sometimes they read few chapters for the first time at previous night of the exam.

(c) Due to absence of a proper study plan, students give more attention to few subjects of their interest and set aside other books which they consider either difficult or dull.

(d) Tuition and coaching culture is doing more harm than help. It makes students dependent on others and devoid their minds from intellectual curiosity.

((e) Parents find it very difficult to keep a constant tab on their childrens studies. Nagging, coercing and pressurizing to work hard generally give adverse effects.

The Study Organiser is a boon for such students who are not paying proper attention towards studies and not getting consistent good marks in all the subjects.

It creates personalised subject wise schedule for the individual student as per its difficulty level by calculating appropriate study time required to finish and revise each subject.

Study Organiser includes much acclaimed "Progress Meter" to show real time preparation of the exam in three colours:

Green: student is doing well

Yellow: student is lagging behind and Red: student has to work hard as it is difficult to pass the exam.

It also indicates percentage of marks a student can obtain in the forthcoming exam with 5% accuracy just like a thermometer.

Progress Meter is equally useful for parents, teachers and school administrators who wish to monitor and compare the performance of all the students without unnecessary interference.

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