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Sponsor A CAP-contest

Sponsor A CAP-contest

Scholarships awarded through the Council for Career Development are regarded as some of the highest academic honours attainable by Indian school students.

Most awards are provided by independent sponsor organisations.

Corporations sponsor scholarships to recognize and encourage academically talented students, foster employee loyalty, initiate promising relationships with students, and identify potential candidates for internships and employment.

Colleges and universities eagerly seek to enrol scholastically able students who have outstanding potential for future leadership. Many higher education institutions sponsor CAP Scholarship awards for students who will attend their institutions.

Each sponsor announces its program, confirms eligibility of award winners, and pays scholarship costs. Sponsors are billed annually for scholarship costs, which include stipend amounts paid to winners and nominal administrative cost to the Council.

A unique opportunity to sponsor a scholarship for a student and change their path in life. Every rupee you designate for scholarships will go 100% to a gifted student’s continued education!

To sponsor a scholarship, please send an email to: mail@careerlinked.edu.in