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Skills Evaluator

Validate Employability Skills

Teachers, parents and students are more concerned about subject marks. They forget the cardinal fact that purpose of education is to build a strong career foundation and to make them employable.

Career competencies and life skills cannot be developed overnight; it is a life-long process.

It is useless to just mention names of the irrelevant skills in a CV without industry standard ratings. It is necessary to get skills evaluated and mention it authentically for 2 reasons (a) to stand apart in the crowded job market and (b) to increase your chance to get selected by helping in the decision making process.

Skills Evaluator tools are considered as an essential tool for recruiting right candidate for the right job. This saves time and costs associated with interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Skills Evaluator measures the levels of Arithmetical Reasoning, General Awareness, English language and domain specific skills. These skill sets can be an essential part of many roles and a high cognitive score provides a reassurance that the candidate would suit the specific role and improve performance within the organisation.

Jobseekers have to identify, acquire, enhance and evaluate the compulsory domain knowledge and transferable skills.

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