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Educational Pathways

The need for educational information is urgent because many young people do not appear to know even the basic facts about the courses they should choose from and the career opportunities these could lead to. Due to this ignorance, many students enrol en-masse in slickly advertised, expensive but unless courses. Consequently, at the career-building stage, after spending their precious time and money, they realise and repent over these deceptive programmes. Most of the teaching shops, training establishments are playing with the career of the younger generation and thriving due to lack of proper information among students and their parents.

As it is always better to light the candle than to curse the darkness, Margdarshak safeguards the interest of students and beware them of such institutions selling their useless degrees, diplomas, and certificates, charging exorbitant fees based on heavy advertisements. It cultivates a sense of awareness among students, youth, and their parents to differentiate between good and bad institutions not based on crowds they are pulling but a qualitative comparison of their course of studies and the training they are imparting. Based on a survey conducted by Margdarshak, it has found that many ex-students of small institutions are suitably placed in reputed organisations. Margdarshak acts as an effective media to provide authentic guidance to students for selecting the good institutions conducting the right courses and job-oriented training programmes.

Choosing a career and a corresponding course of studies will help you decide which college or institute is right for you. Preparing early for your college education will help you position yourself to get into the university you want. Below is a general guideline you should follow:

• Courses to start taking in the 11th standard.

• Think about pursuing extracurricular activities (such as sports, performing arts, volunteer work, etc. that interest you).

• The importance of college and university education.

• Participate in academic enrichment (summer and weekend) programs available through your school. For more information contact your local Career Counsellor or Margdarshak Centre.

• Start thinking about the colleges you want to attend. Narrow your list of colleges, it should contain approximately 8-12 institutions you are seriously considering. Add and/or remove colleges, as necessary. You may use Margdarshak for more information on the institutions in which you're interested. Take online campus Tours to match your requirements. Take another look at your list of colleges, and make sure that they satisfy your requirements. Find out from each college/institute the student's satisfaction survey. If possible, talk to students (who are already enrolled) about the college(s). Doing these things will allow you to gather the most information about the college and the atmosphere, should you choose to attend. You may also submit your admission applications through Margdarshak.

• Find schedules for the Engineering, Medical, Management, other competitive exams. Discuss why you should take these exams and how they could benefit you.

• Also plan your financial options as well. Money shouldn't be a primary concern when considering a college since there are scholarships, student loans, and other options available. Make sure your parents have completed their income tax returns in anticipation of the financial requirements.

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