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  • +91-9650 722 240
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Margdarshak is a service for students and youth giving authentic information and support service in preparing for adult and working life.

We help you to make informed career choices and give impartial advice on education, training and employment so that you can plan a better future for yourself.

Margdarshak can also help you in seeking confidential advice in other areas of your life, such as health and relationships. If this is affecting your progress in your career.

Margdarshak can also help parents to support their children to make good life choices..

Your Career Counsellor

A Career Counsellor will not tell students what to do but will help and support young people to decide for themselves.

On this website, you’ll find resources to help you get started. We hope that you'll find the information you need to make career decisions that are right for you.

The earlier you start thinking about what you'd enjoy, the better off you'll be.

• Get your Sr Secondary School Certificate with consistent marks.

• Take as many courses in math and science as you can.

• Most of the students either imitate their classmates or follow the casual advice of family members & relatives.

• Learn good speaking and writing skills.

Margdarshak has lots of information to help you learn about:

Different types of occupations.

Information about education and training opportunities

The mission of Margdarshak is to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives with tools and the opportunities to make the best possible choices about career and education pathways. Our programme and personnel have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career Development”. We live and breathe career guidance! Nothing else gets in the way.

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