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What is a career

A career is the sum of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you undertake throughout your life.

The term 'career' was traditionally associated with paid employment and referred to a single occupation. In today's world of work, the term 'career' is seen as a continuous process of learning and development.

Finding a career that is right for you is just part of achieving the life you want to lead. As your life priorities change, your career plans are likely to shift too. Throughout your life, you'll move back and forth between the stages of career planning.

We know that everyone at work today faces new and seemingly ever greater challenges. Developing the ability to adapt and cope with these unrelenting changes comes from really knowing your strengths, your preferences, your drives, and motives, where these qualities can best be applied, and what you want from your work and career.

Career Management: from Ambition till Achievements

It is a winner's world. In every walk of life – career, examination, games, election, etc. – it is important to get success. Only the achiever gets attention, appreciation, and applause. The failures become part of a crowd.

To get success, it is important to have a clear vision of your career objectives. After finishing academic studies, most of the youth start preparing for competitive exams and randomly search for a job to accept whatever they may succeed in. In a survey conducted by MARGDARSGAK, it has been found that while deciding career goals, there are lots of uncertainties like:

• A general attitude among students is “let’s see what happens” or still we are studying, will think after finishing it.”

• Some of the students have unrealistic and imaginative career ambitions.

• Parents think about traditional careers due to a lack of awareness about the world of occupations.

• Most of the students either imitate their classmates or follow the casual advice of family members & relatives.

This naturally doesn’t ensure the best in life. Career decision taken based on above process gives wrong results. Therefore, a vast majority of youth are directionless, facing hardships and frustrations.

Career Assessment: Helps students to decide realistic career objectives based on:

(a) Aptitude: What the student likes to do, by asking 180 interests related questions.

(b) Abilities: What the students can do well, by measuring intellectual and creative potential in 6 parts.

(c) Attitude: What is important to the student, to find their work attitude by cross-checking 21 queries.

The above data is entered in the Career Assessment software and then 3 realistic career objectives are decided.

To create an awareness of careers among students and parents MARDARSHAK has developed a Career Choice tool.

We’re here to help individuals of every background and age group who are seriously interested in analysing their current situation with an objective, non-judgemental and professional career counselling service.

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