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Career choice


Career by choice, not by chance!

In this fast moving age of globalisation, students are not aware about the world of work and cardinal facts about the occupations. At one hand there is a glut in the traditional careers and on the other hand there is really dearth of professionals in specialised sectors.

Most of the students are not aware about the occupations like: Actuaries, Arboriculturist, Reflexologist, Podiatrist, Para planner, Palaeontologist, Osteopath, Orthoptist, Ergonomists, Cartographer, Listening Officer, etc

Due to lack of career education in schools and colleges, students find their subjects boring because they dont know why they are studying Geography, Chemistry, Economics, etc. From our case studies it is established that motivation and success rates improve exponentially, when students relate subjects with careers.

The Career Choice tool provides details of approx. 1500 careers and videos linking each career with research based data on

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