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Empanelment as an online career counsellor/trainer.

Margdarshak offers career education & guidance at the national level to bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies and cultivate a culture of "career by choice, not by chance." India urgently needs 14 lakh counsellors to implement the provisions of the New Education Policy.

Work and income: You can work online from anywhere on flexible days/times without disturbing your current vocation. You can do any or both of the following activities as per your interest and ability.

(a) Guide students: We provide you with confirmed student/youth data. you have to do online career assessment and counselling. You get ₹686 per student. If you can do counselling for an average of four students per day, then your expected in-hand income will be ₹68,600 per month.

(b) Train the counsellors: We provide you with a minimum of 16 confirmed clients. You have to give online training leading to Career Counselling Professional (CCP) certification. You get ₹4,320 per trainee i.e. total in-hand income of ₹69,120 per month.

Eligibility & prerequisites: Graduate/Master's degree in any relevant subject. You must have Skills/ knowledge/ training/ tools related to career counselling. You require an internet-connected laptop/mobile with a unified secure communication system.

For empanelment as a career counselling professional and to get leads of clients through our platform, you have the following options:

Option 1. You have (a) certification in counselling and (b) career guidance tools

You provide us with the details of

  1. Certificate of training as a career counsellor.
  2. Details of guidance tools used by you.
  3. Evidence-based counselling details: The standardised process followed for career counselling. Sample of a career map and education-training pathways created for a student.
  4. Optional, if you want to work as a trainer, then prepare and submit the content of one module “Career Counselling Professional Practices”. You have to explain the knowledge, skills, area of specialisation and core competencies required for a career counsellor. Also, you have to explain the career education & guidance framework and code of ethics for a career counselling professional.

Our team will evaluate the above documents and if found up to the mark then you’ll be empanelled as a Counsellor. You don’t have to pay any fee for the empanelment.

Option 2. You have (a) certification/knowledge/skills in counselling and don’t have (b) career guidance tools.

In this case, you must procure the following career guidance tools from your known sources or NICE.

Career Explorer: career by choice not by chance
Select the best-fit careers from over 4,700 options based on 16 parameters viz 1. Ability 2. Activity 3. Aptitude 4. Attitude 5. Field 6. Industry 7. Knowledge 8. Outlook 9. Pathway 10. Skills 11. Stem 12. Technology 13. Tools 14. Trait 15. Preference 16. Zone.

Subject Pathways: relate subjects with careers using 33 charts and 18 infographics.

Career Aptitude: be what you want to be.
The psychometric tool for students to find their true interests and set S.M.A.R.T. career objectives or to match the compatibility.

Work Attitude: listen to your heart & mind.
This allows users to determine what is important to them in a career. It helps to identify occupations they may find satisfying based on their work values and the characteristics of the occupations.

Innate Ability: recognise inborn talents.
Discovering a child's areas of intelligence removes the 'trial and error' method of parenting i.e. "teaching a fish to climb a tree".

Using these tools, counsellors can draw inferences about a student's 100% best-fit career options. The one-time cost of the tools is 6980 + GST.

Option 3. You don’t have either (a) certification in counselling or (b) career guidance tools.

In this case, you can undergo training and certification as a career counselling professional (CCP). from the National Institute for Career Education ( The online training is self-paced, can be completed in a minimum of eighteen days to eighteen weeks, and consists of 18 modules of theory, activity, and practical. There are two modes for training and fee

(a) Live instructor assisted ₹21,600 + GST, and
(b) Self-study ₹10,800 + GST.

If you opt for a full-time internship along with your training, you'll be paid a stipend of ₹8,000.

Also, after CCP certification, you'll get all the career guidance tools free of cost.

For assistance WhatsApp at 7838681293

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