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Career Education & Guidance Services (CEGS)

Career Education – a big opportunity

Career Education

 Career education is an ever-demanding sector, unaffected by the recession with tremendous income potential due to huge students’ population, stiff competition and inefficiency that exists in our education system.

 This is the most satisfying socio-entrepreneurship opportunity where you can use your knowledge, experience, Council’s tools & technology to shape the destiny of the young generation.

 Massive untapped market:

After investing money & time to acquire degrees, students and parents are puzzled due to a lack of career competencies, alarming skills deficiency and uncertainty in the new economy.

 To implement the Career Achievement Programme (CAP) in approx. 3 lakhs of Sr/Secondary schools, colleges and universities in a phased manner, trained and certified Career Professionals are required on an urgent basis.

 You are full of ideas and want to accomplish much more. Working as a Career Professional will be an enriching and most rewarding experience for you.


various stages of career development should be measured, compared and analysed;


all the stakeholders i.e., student, parent, teacher and counsellor can share the student’s career portfolio in real-time.

Your Onboarding is FREE. There is

 NO registration or business franchise or

license fee;

 NO refundable or non-refundable security


“40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life”

About us

We transform lives!

We shape the destiny!

We link education with career!

Careerlinked Education Council is an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Government of India for making policies and planning at the national level to bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies, to cultivate a culture of “be what you want to be”. For the implementation of best practices in careerlinked education & guidance in schools, we advocate that students should receive the services from competent and trained Career Professionals.

Our programmes have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career Management”. We live and breathe career counselling; nothing else gets in the way. We are practical, idealists and confident that our career guidance programs are the best in the world. A strong commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best.

Our Vision

One life: Make it: The Best.

To build a global network of advisors-assisted career management system so that we can make this world a little better than we have got it.

Our Mission

Our single-minded mission is to guide students to find their passion and accordingly design their careers and education pathways that lead to a “life by CHOICE, not by chance".

Need for Career Planning

• 97% of people first finish their journey (education) and then think about the destination (career). School students, when asked about their career choice have "let's see what happens" attitude and most of them follow the crowd or accept whatever comes on the way.

• 88% of adults are either in the wrong career or under-employed. BTech, other Graduates and Master’s degree holders are unemployable and not getting returns of their investment in education as they fail to understand that degrees lacking career competencies are useless, just like having a mobile phone without a sim.

• Career guidance ensures that young people are motivated to complete their courses and they take fewer wrong turns. Also, they are less likely to drop school/college or to be unemployed for a longer period.

• There is a relation between unemployment and crime. Better career guidance can reduce crime by reducing unemployment. Also, being out of work can lead to stress, lower self-esteem and depression.

Even the best player requires a coach!

Benefits of Associating with the Council

11 strong reasons to work with us

1. No setup cost:

Physical brick-and-mortar office requires huge investment to build infrastructure, equipments, employees, furniture and several recurring operational expenses. We provide you an online office, where people are spending most of their time, with integrated client management, payment, income and team support features. Further, there is no stress, pollution, traffic jam or hassle of travelling anywhere and you save money and time incurred in going to a regular office.

2. No worry for clients:

The challenging part of any business is getting clients. After making investments, most of the entrepreneurs spend 80% of their efforts and resources to get clients and only 20% is left to do business. We save you from such pitfalls and do campaigns through emails, SMS, voice blast, social media, etc. to get leads so that you can utilise your time and energy to concentrate on your core competencies.

3. Lifelong income from team-effort

You have a choice to work alone or in a team. You get 10% regular income from your team. It means you earn money even if, you are enjoyaing your vacations or engaged in some other activities.

4. Multiple source of income:

Most of the businesses fail due to dependency on a single source of income. This business model offers multiple channels of earnings so that you can have a regular income, much better than a full-time job.

5. Ownership of the business:

You run your business independently under the banner of the Council and we take care of the support to enable entrepreneurship within you to spread its wings. You’re building an asset that can be inherited by a family members else can be sold to someone for a profit.

6. Highly respectable service:

The success of one child inspires others in the family and society. The positive difference you make to the lives of the students is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.

7. Work any time from anywhere:

24 x 7 having ease and flexibility both for you and your clients. You have the freedom to balance your work and family life. Moreover, you can move anywhere you want in the world and still be able to run your business effectively.

8. Global reach unlimited market:

A physical centre is dependent on local population and can be visited by clients maximum within a 10 KM radius. With an online centre, you have unlimited and unrestricted exposure to clients throughout the country/abroad even if you are located in a village / small town.

7. Work any time from anywhere:

24 x 7 having ease and flexibility both for you and your clients. You have the freedom to balance your work and family life. Moreover, you can move anywhere you want in the world and still be able to run your business effectively.

9. Unified Cloud Communication:

In association with our channel partners, you get an enterprise-grade integrated system to call from your computer, send emails, SMS, etc. You can also, get your personalised IVR to greet and direct your clients. Since, every business call is important so you can keep a log and record of every incoming, outgoing or even missed calls.

10. A dignified partnership

We treat you as an important stakeholder. Our work culture offers an atmosphere to evolve together and to learn about clients, competitors, business conditions and ever-changing technologies.

11. Transparency in business and income:

Your earnings are instantly updated in the Income dashboard, you receive SMS + email notifications of every rupee earned, which is transferred in your bank account on 15th-16th day of the month..

Career planning should be at the heart of education, not an afterthought.

Career Education & Guidance Services

Based on over 40 years of research we have developed scientific and authentic career assessment tools which are very helpful in guiding students from the morass of uncertainty to the doable career selection.

Tools Description Price
1. Career Assessor: Become what you want to be Career Assessment is the most authentic psychometric tool to set SMART career objectives. Discovering a child's aptitude, attitude and ability removes the 'trial and error' method of parenting (teaching a fish to climb a tree). ₹3,500 for Psychometric Assessment
2. iClass + Study Organiser: View real-time exam preparation with Progress Meter iClass is an interactive online live class which is linked with your career achievement. It includes much acclaimed "Progress Meter" to show real-time preparation of the exam. ₹9,600 for all subjects
July Dooley july@example.com

Your Work & Income Prospects

You have to give online training or counselling. You’ll get Rs 2,250 per trainee or student. If you can take 4 sessions per day your expected income will be above Rs 2.25 lakh per month.
Eligibility & Pre-requisites

(a) Bachelor/Master’s degree + Certification as a Career Professional (CCP).

(b) Computer with an internet connection and cloud telephony.

Training & Certification

The competency-based training is ONLINE, self-paced, can be completed in a minimum 15 days to a maximum of three months and consists of 15 modules of theory, activity and practical:

1. Career Management Practices, 2. Career Counselling & Guidance, 3. Interactive Learning, 4. World of Occupations, 5. Psychometric Career Assessment, 6. Education in India, 7. Employability Skills & Evaluation, 8. Career Education & Guidance in Schools, 9. Human Resource Management, 10. Job Planning to Placement, 11. Virtual Office Work & Team, 12. Digital & Social Media, 13. Study Abroad, 14. Parents as Career Planner, 15. Scholarships & Fundings.

Training fee is Rs 36,000 which can be financed on your request and will be deducted on pro rata basis from your earnings. You have to pay only for certification (online test & assessment) fee which is Rs 600 per module, total Rs 9,000 for 15 modules. Please don’t insist for free training, if you want to be paid for your services, you must pay for services you get from the trainers.

Select option to do business

Option 1: No Investment: Your onboarding will be FREE and you’ll get virtual office, CRM, HRM, team, career education tools & technology to do the business. You add your leads, use our tools to work and earn.

Option 2: Nominal Investment: If you want leads from us, you must have cloud telephony and certification as a career professional.

We are passionate to work with you and make this partnership successful. We provide you with every possible support you need to start and run your business profitably

With warm regards and gratitude


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