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Why career guidance is important for students?

By - Bharat sharma Posted On : 2019-12-15 23:17:41 Career
Why career guidance is important for students?

What is guidance?

Guidance is a board term it’s a process of solving the problems of people have in their life by way of providing guidance. Help them in developing educational, emotional, behavioral and attitude skills to achieve success and happiness in life and career. Guidance will be given by expert those have qualified skills for guiding people. 

What do you mean by career guidance?

Career guidance is the process of helping people with their career problems and making them successful in their careers. Career guidance is the guidance provided by the professional to help people in solving the problem related to their careers. 

Career guidance is the guidance given to the individual to help them in acquiring knowledge, skills, values and experience that is necessary to make the right career decision. Career guidance will help you ti find the right and best career for yourself. 

Why do you need career guidance?

Career guidance shows you the right career path and helps you in getting success in a career that you choose for your future. 

There are the points below highlighted why you need career guidance:

Helps in choosing the right career

By taking proper career guidance you can able to figure out what career is best for you so you can pursue that career. Career guidance will guide you in what career is best for you according to your interest so you work for that career with full enthusiasm.

Career based on interest

Career guidance will help you in finding your interests and in which work you do with full interest and with full zeal. So o the basis of your interest you can able to find the best career that you do with full happiness. 

Helps in acquiring great skills

Career guidance will prepare you for a better future. Career guidance will help you in acquiring the most demanding skills for working. By acquiring skills you can able to get success in your chosen career path. 

Helps you to focus on career

Career guidance will help you in choosing the right career and help you in concentrating on the career that you choose for your future. Career guidance will increase your focus power so you can able to pay more attention to your main career goals.

Who needs career guidance?

Career guidance for students from 6th to 9th

Students from 6th to 9th can take career guidance for their better future. Students who are not sure what career is best for them and on what career they have to work on. Margdarshak always ready to help students from 6th to 9th class by providing career guidance for a better future. 

Career guidance after 10th

Students after completing 10th class they are confused and worried about their future. Students find difficulty in choosing the best career for themselves. Margdarshak always ready to help students in finding the best career and stream after 12th. 

Career guidance after 12th

Students get confused and worried about which career they choose for the future and for which career the fitted best. Margdarshak provides career guidance to students for helping him with their career and providing career guidance to make them strong in their careers. 

College students

Today there are so many lines available to students after completing their colleges. If someone interested in management so there is so many lines are available in management like human resources, sales, marketing, operations, e.t.c So margdashak always helps students in finding the best line for them and for what line they made for. 

Working professionals

Working professionals who are looking for career development, career growth, and career change will do career guidance. Mardarshak provides the best career guidance to working professionals for their better future. 

What are the elements of good career guidance?

 Experienced career guide

The provider of career guidance must be a qualified career guide they must have a good experience and a qualified degree for providing career guidance to others. The people come with expectations before taking career guidance. So career guider must be qualified enough to provide career guidance. 

Secure Environment

The process of career counselling entails creating a safe and secure environment, where the counselee feels at ease and can discuss the issues bothering him/her.

Trust and confidence

There must be trust between the career guide and guidance taker. If there is no trust bond between career guide and guidance taker then you are not able to seek good career guidance. 

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