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What is career planning and why it is important for a better life?

By - Bharat sharma Posted On : 2019-12-15 23:17:41 Career Planning
Importance of career planning for students

What is career planning?

Career planning is the process of planning done by a person to make their career strong and full of success. Career planning involves understanding oneself, finding the various career alternatives available to you, analyzing these career alternatives, learning skills to achieve a better career, choosing the right career for you, setting career goals and putting efforts to achieve set goals. 


Importance of career planning 

Career planning is really important for having and making your career successful. By planning your career in advance you will get an early opportunity to get success in your career making your advance career plan for your future. 

Reasons why career planning is important – 


Early opportunity to get successful – 

making your career plan in advance you will get an early opportunity than others who never do career planning. By doing career planning you will make your route map for achieving goals that you want to achieve in your future.

Career planning helps you to find a secure path – 

Planning helps you in finding better career paths and helps you in finding the best and secure path for your career and future. Finding a secure career you are able to focus on your chosen career for better results in your near future. 

 You will never get lost – 

By doing proper career planning, you will get lost in your life or in your career. Bad career planning will lead you towards a negative career that will make you unsuccessful in your life and in your career. By way of doing proper and correct career planning, you are able to find the best and secure career for yourself and make your life full of success.

 Helps you in achieving your goals and dream – 

planning will help you in the list down the goals that you want to achieve in your near future. Everybody sees dreams at night and everybody wants to make that dreams true by doing proper career planning you are able to make your dreams true. By making your career plan you are able to figure out what goals and dreams you want to follow in your future. So by mentioning those goals and dream you are able to follow those goals to make you live full of success. 

Helps you in finding out on which skills you should work – 

planning is a road map of your career that you follow in your future. By doing proper career planning you will list out your goals and dream that you want to achieve and follow. And by listing out goals you got to know how you achieve these goals and by which skills you get these goals. So by figuring out the skills you work on those skills to achieve your goals and follow your dreams. 


Did you know what are the features of career planning?

These are the features of career planning – 

  1. Career planning is an ongoing process.
  2. Career planning will help you in finding out the required skills so you work on those skills to achieve your career goals.
  3. It makes you strong in your career path and in your job roles to fulfill your dreams.
  4. It defines your career goals, dream, your existing skills, abilities, and interest.
  5. It provides you the right direction towards a successful direction. 
  6. It makes you productive in your work so you do hard work to achieve a successful life.

The objective of career planning – 

  1. In identifying your all characteristics.
  2. In identifying existing skills in you.
  3. In making you more productive in your life.
  4. Help you in knowing the social skills of respecting others.
  5. Train you in team-building skills.
  6. Helps you in finding your goals and dream.
  7. Make you super competitive.
  8. It helps you in achieving new heights in your life. 

Benefits of doing career planning – 

  1. Career planning will lead you to success.
  2. Career planning will give your life meaning.
  3. Career planning makes you a more hardworking person.
  4. Career planning will help you in achieving goals and follow your dreams.
  5. It helps you in developing loyalty skills.
  6. Career planning encourages development and growth in you.
  7. Career planning will give you the right way towards success.


Who needs for career planning?

Career planning from 7th to 10th

students from 7th to 10th will do career planning for there future success. Career planning for them is really important as there future totally depends on how well they plan for it today. Career planning gives them away hoe to tackle studies, how to study, what to do in exams and many more. So for students its important to do proper career planning. 

 Career planning after 10th

planning after 10th has the main role in your future success. Students stuck after 10th in deciding which stream is best for them. Career planning will help them in finding interest and finding the best stream for you. In fact, they help students in making a plan for further after 11th and how to study well for getting good marks.

 Career planning after 12th

12th every student gets confused about which college and which course is best for them. Career planning will list down your skills and interest so you can make a wise decision in choosing the best college and course for yourself. Career planning plays an important role after the 12th.

 Career planning after college 

college students want to grab there dream job by which they can fulfill there needs. Career planning helps students in finding the best job for you and how to achieve that job by developing skills in you. 

 Career planning for working professional

professional need change in their career everyone wants hike in their salary everyone to grow further in there life. So career planning is important in developing more skills in employees and making them more competitive so they enjoy constant growth in their life. 

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