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All about career management and its importance in career

By - Bharat sharma Posted On : 2019-12-15 23:17:41 career management
career management by margdarshak

All about career management and its importance in career. 

What is career management?

Career management is the detailed and structured planning and management of career which we choose for your future or own professional life. Career management is all about planning and managing your professional career. Career management is done by employees or by one who is in an existing career and doing a job.

Career management is the process through which employees:

They become aware of their own interest, values, beliefs, skills, perceptions, strength and weaknesses.

Obtain information about all job opportunities within the company.

Identify career goals that you want to achieve in your career or life.

Establish a plan and action to achieve your goals.

Why career management is so important?

Every organization must motivate their employees to manage their own career.

As they allow them to choose the best career and job for themselves based on their own interest and skills they have.

Choosing a career by employees according to their interest will make them work for an organization for a long period of time.

From the company’s perspective, If there is a failure to motivate employees to plan their own career will lead to –

A shortage of employees to fill the open positions in the company.

Lower employee commitment towards job or company.

Inappropriate implementation of training and development programs to employees.

From the employee perspective, if there is a lack of career management result in –

Frustration in employee

Feel that you are not being valued by the company.

Not able to choose the best or suitable job for oneself and cause unemployment.

So career management is very important for one to decide their own career and manage their own career to make it more successful. Career management will lead one to manage their own career according to their interest and skills and allow them to grow in the career they choose.

Career management and career motivation

Career management and career motivation are very important for everyone to get growth in their life and to achieve success in their life and career. Career management will allow you to manage your career according to your interest and set the career goals that you want to achieve in your career. Career motivation is necessary to motivate employees to choose a better career for themselves and get growth in that career.

Career motivation refers to – 

Allow employees to invest their energy in their careers.

The awareness of their career and direction where they want to take their career.

The ability to make the energy to take your career in a direction despite barriers or hurdles you face.

Career motivation has three aspects – 

Career resilience – it means the extent to which employees cope with problems or barriers that affect their work or career.

Career insight

It means how much employees know about their interests, skills, strength, and weaknesses.

The awareness of these perceptions relates to their career and goals.

Developing a plan and action to achieve career goals.

Career identity – the degree to which employees define their personal values according to their work.

The career management process - 

Self – Assessment

Reality Check

Goal Setting

Action Planning

Self – Assessment

Use information by employees to check their interests, values, beliefs, attitude, and behavior.

Psychological tests also involve.

Reality check

Information employee receives about how the company evaluates their skills and knowledge to know where they fit in the company.

Goal Setting

The process of employees developing their short and long term career goals.

Usually discussed with the manager and written on the development plan.

Action planning

In this step, the employee does planning and formulate action by which they can achieve their career goals.

Employees role in Career management

Employees must take the initiative to ask for feedback about themselves from the manager about their skills, strength, and weaknesses.

Employees must hace to findout their stage of career development and development need.

Interact with the employees of different work groups or fields within the company or outside the company.

Company role in Career management

Provide information and advice about training and development programs to employees.

Take tests of their employees to know about their values, beliefs, their behavior and their interest.

Help prepare employees for job searches.

Offer counseling and guidance to employees for their betterment in career.

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