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Careerlinked Educational Index

margdarshak next icon About us

Careerlinked.org is a national career education resource & referral website managed by Careerlinked Education Council, an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Government of India. We have authentic and impartial resources for students, parents, schools and teachers.

Every year education institutions from around the world look for students to enrol in their programs. On the other side, there are hundreds of thousands of students who are looking for education opportunities. Careerlinked.org has been developed as a platform for institutes and students to connect with each other.

Careerlinked.org has opportunities for any organisation who is interested in targeting students and their parents, from all levels.

margdarshak next icon Benefits to Advertising in Careerlinked Education Index

What you get:

  • Full functional website with control panel and subdomain of your choice.
  • Listing all of your education programs offered to students.
  • Upload e-brochures or any other documents.
  • Videos can be uploaded to profiles via YouTube.
  • Advanced HTML editing. Allows for pictures, videos, links, different text colours and sizes.
  • Custom TAGS you can create for advanced browsing and searching capabilities.
  • Unlimited text descriptions.
  • Create event directories.
  • Indexed profile in the institute directory
  • Traffic Monitoring for profile visits during the year.
  • Ability to update/edit your profile at any time.
  • Online contact form, where students provide information, enquire regarding admission.
  • Extensive marketing via our newsletters, websites, social media and online publications.
  • Promote your organization and get more students!
  • The Schools, Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents you wish to target frequent our website.
  • This is an inexpensive, low-risk service with terrific results.
margdarshak benefits of advertising in careerlinked education index

For institutes, some of the benefits of getting listed and advertising include:

Reduce student admission costs

Improve the effectiveness of admission campaign

Easily find students who want to attend your institution

Get more students to enrol in your programs

margdarshak next icon Benefits for Students

The website provides easy access to all types of information a student would need to find and even enrol in education programs. From a searchable directory to the information resources and create a profile. The website assists them to find and enrol in the education program that suits their needs.

For students, some of the benefits of the access information provided on this website include:

  • Easily search for all types of education from KG to PG from around the world
  • Get detailed information on institutes including education offerings, enrolment requirements. Create a profile and let schools find you

margdarshak next iconBanner Advertising

If your institution is needs domestic or international students for admission, advertising through Careerlinked Education is a great option for you.

  • Top of Site, Leader Banner- Standard banner (468x60 pixels) to the right of your logo.
  • Homepage Mid- This is Half a Standard banner (236x60 pixels), which is located in the middle of the Homepage to the right.
  • Homepage Spotlight - This is a rectangle banner (250x145 pixels) located in the mid-bottom of our homepage. There will be a limit of 5 advertisers per month in this location. A banner placement here will also include a profile on careerlinked.org.
  • Feature Institute Square (245x150 pixel) banner specifically to feature institutes. This banner is on the home page, lower right. We only allow a maximum of 5 feature institutes per month.
  • Institute Profile Full Banner - This is a full 728x90 banner located at the bottom of our education directory.
  • Spotlight Profile Square - A 245x150 box banner located on the bottom half of the home page. We only allow a maximum of 5 spotlights per month.
  • Content Square- This is a 250x250 square banner that can be found within the content areas of the website.
  • User Login Half - On the Login/Info pages for both schools and students, we provide an opportunity for advertisers to post a half banner (236x60).

margdarshak next icon Email Advertising

Beyond banner advertising, our site offers organisations the opportunity to advertise through targeted emails and e-publications that we produce.

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Direct Emails

For more information, please click on the "Register Now" button below. An Advisor will be in contact with you to help you get started with admission seeking students in your institute.

Call: 70550099

Email: advt@certc.edu.in


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