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Admission to Placement

Admission to placement solution

Margdarshak is an initiative of Careerlinked Education Council, an apex organisation set up under section 8 of MCA, Government of India to provide the most authentic and impartial guidance to students and youth from career planning to placements. For this Margdarshak has launched a Career Achievement Programme (CAP) for students throughout the country.

Admission Counselling

Margdarshak acts as an effective medium to manage your admission counselling process so that you can concentrate on your core competency i.e. to impart the highest quality of education and training to the students.

Margdarshak is having a strong network of more than 600 Career Professionals throughout the country interacting one-to-one with students and their parents on regular basis. We use to receive queries related to courses offered by institutions like yours. To convert these queries into admission you can avail any of the services as mentioned below without putting any constraint on your budget.

Your distinct identity

Update complete details of your institute along with eBrochure (pdf) and iTour (pictures, videos) files on our official website. Next, we conduct Students Satisfaction Survey, update the authentic details to disseminate the same among students and their parents at their decision-making stage.

Advertise at Nominal Cost

Distribute your Admission brochure through email directly to more than 20 lakh students, parents/guardians and solicit them for admission

Stand out from the crowd

The council also confers honours & awards and facilitates good institutions based on innovative achievements that boost your image.

Counselling Centres

Open your Admission Counselling Centres in as many cities as you wish and let our trained and certified career professionals counsel students to take admission in your institute..

Create a Brand Image

Margdarshak organises sponsored CAP-Contests and offers scholarships and prizes with certificate of participation to all the students on behalf of your institute. This is a very effective, long-lasting and focused media to tell your target students about your institute. Scholarships/Prizes started in your name create a lifelong brand image of your institute in the young minds.

Stand out from the crowd

The council also confers honours & awards and facilitates good institutions based on innovative achievements that boost your image.

Job Planning to Placement Seminar & Workshop

It's not a secret that the goal of your college students is getting a good job. They eagerly wait to get selected through campus recruitments. Parents make lasting judgements about your institute based on your placement records. But it is also alarming that due to lack of good placements of students, many institutes are struggling for survival.

Job Planning to Placement seminar and workshop organised by the Council is all about proactive strategies that can be deployed to ensure your students are well equipped with degree and employability skills.

Placement is the magic wand!

The simple formula is the number of students placed by the institute will bring 200% of students for admission. Your name and fame spread by word of mouth and you maintain a stable position in the ranking of prestigious institutions.

India is a classic example of improper utilisation of its huge human resources. Young people have degrees but no career competencies. On the other hand, Industry is struggling to find skilled talents.

The life-transforming seminar & workshop organised by Margdarshak is all about proactive approach that can be deployed to ensure the employability of all students so that they can find a good job before getting the degree and to prepare them for the transition from campus to corporate world. This will:

- Evaluate employability skills and develop their career competencies;

- Follow best practices to search jobs, write and email resumes;

- Cultivate the habit to stay positive and focussed.

- Save time, energy and money that are wasted in experimentation.

- Conduct work assessment to identify a student’s need and plan a realistic job search;

- Write resumes and cover letters;

- Use contemporary and effective job search method with Dream-Job® tool;

- Prepare for interviews, stay positive and handle rejection;

- Mentored internships for real job experience.

The best jobs don’t necessarily go to the most qualified student; they go to the best job planners.

We use to receive hundreds of unsolicited testimonials:

- 97% of the participants said they would recommend the programme to their friends.

- 98% of the students told us they have achieved what they wanted to from this programme.

Internship & placement drive

Margdarshak strives to bring reputed employers and MNCs to your campus. They are represented by either their HRs or recruitment partners. We verify their credentials before allowing them to visit for campus placement or interacting with the students.

Margdarshak works closely with employers to arrange both internships and full/part-time placements for students throughout the academic session as well as during semester breaks. We act as a bridge between industries, institutes and students.

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