We shape destiny!

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We link education with careers!

Margdarshak Kendra is functioning under the aegis of the Career-linked Education Council, established under statutory provisions of the Govt of India for making policies and planning at the national level to bridge the gap between degrees and career competencies. Margdarshak has developed authentic, appropriate, and effective career development tools and learning management systems to cultivate a culture of “career by choice, not by chance”. Margdarshak provides career education and guidance at the national level.

We began to reinvent career education from the ground level; starting with a few assumptions: that the career decision-making services available to students at school/college are virtually non-existent and pathetically ineffective. Perhaps approx. 94% of us are in the wrong career or under-employed. This includes people who have failed to find a suitable career and others who are in a job that only partially fits their talents, interests and working preferences. This is an unrecognised national disgrace to a country like India.

We have developed authentic, appropriate, and effective career decision-making tools for in-depth assessment of a person’s natural abilities, career aptitudes and work attitudes, which are very helpful in guiding people from the morass of uncertainty to the best possible career selections. Our career management programs enable people to have the most successful, productive, and fulfilling lives possible.

We propagate the philosophy of “Be what you want to be”. We strive to help students and adults find their passions in life and lead them to their dream careers. We encourage young people to think deeply about the things they enjoy most and then translate these into careers that will drive and motivate them for the rest of their lives. We provide the tools to design, monitor, and develop their career which is self-engaging, authentic, impartial, measurable, and transparent.

Our activities take place on an individual basis either face-to-face or distance mode. These include career planning techniques, self-assessment tools, organising studies, work search, and transition services. Our holistic view of the career sector enables us to develop resources that improve the quality of the career decision-making process which opens the doors of success.

Our programmes have just ONE specific focus “Excellence in Career Development”. We live and breathe career counselling; nothing else gets in the way. We are practical, idealists and confident that our career guidance programs are the best in the world. A strong commitment to research and improvement ensures that we stay the best.

Our Mission

Our single-minded mission is to guide students to find their passion and accordingly design their careers and education pathways that lead to a “life by CHOICE, not by chance"

Our Vision

One life: Make it: The Best. To build a global network of counsellors-assisted career development systems, so that we can make this world a little better than we have got it.

Our Values

Respect for the talent, creativity, and boundless potential of all individuals; passion for what we do; honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it; and a strong belief in the power of partnership.


  • To formulate and implement policies governing the provisions of career-linked education and guidance.

  • To develop innovative, appropriate, and effective methods and materials for career development that enable informed educational and occupational choices.

  • To develop innovative, appropriate, and effective methods and materials for career development that enable informed educational and occupational choices.

  • To devise and conduct relevant research and practices for the preparation of authentic, evidence-based, and measurable career development tools, technology, and resources.

  • To provide a forum for effectively disseminating its findings and coordinating communication with other bodies engaged in similar activities.

  • To provide training and continuing education programs for career professionals who assist people in making career decisions with up-to-date knowledge of career pathways, labour market information and resultant decision-making.

  • To collaborate with schools, colleges, universities, training institutions, government agencies, and other voluntary and private sectors to build an excellent career education system so that people have wider access to the guidance they need to make successful transitions from learning to the world of work.

  • To promote the implementation of best practices in career-linked education and guidance (CEGS) in schools, colleges, and higher learning institutions.

  • To advocate that all people who need career development services can receive them from competent and trained Career Professionals.

  • To work with policymakers to formulate a basic quality standard of career education and guidance services in our country.

“40 minutes of career planning prevents 40 years of struggle in life”